Before we head down to some discussion about why you need a recharge for your air conditioning gas, let us first be clear that refrigerant is the gas that is needed to make the cool air in the air conditioning unit. This often replaced by others with “Freon” which in fact is the brand name of the refrigerant. When there is leakage in the ductworks, causing the refrigerant gas to spill out into the air, the refrigerant gas will no longer enough to make cooler air. That is also the reason why homeowners often heard from the HVAC technician that their air conditioning unit needs to get a recharge.

Just like when you are sick, and the doctor will try to give you medication for you to heal, the air conditioning unit could not fix its own. This needs some diagnostic and overhaul to completely repair all the damaged parts so the HVAC technician will assess the parts of the air conditioning unit such as the air filters, thermostat, ductworks, and others. After the technician is done with examination and assessment of the damage, you are given few options about your air conditioning unit.

These are the options that you can freely decide base on how serious is the damage or things needed to be fixed:

  1. Recharging The Air Conditioner Alone

Since checking out and sealing the leak on the air conditioner can sometimes be so costly, the HVAC technician can recharge the air conditioner without sealing the leaks. Though this may not sound good enough, if you are going to replace the unit soon and you only need a temporary fix for the meantime, this can already survive and make your home comfortable.

  1. Look Where Is The Crack Or Holes And Seal It

The technician will also provide an estimated quote for the expenses if you want to locate the holes and seal it. After that, recharging the refrigerant to keep it working to its best efficient work done just like when it does not have any problem. Note that the expenses will depend on the location of the hole and the technician can use a device to locate it.

  1. Replace It

Sometimes the homeowners would decide to replace the air conditioning system with the new since it will cost a lot to repair the leaks or unwise to recharge the refrigerant because the air conditioning unit is too old. This decision would make sense especially if the air conditioner reached ten years in serving.

When you are given options like these, think and consider if you want your air conditioner to have a recharge or buy a new unit. Though you can preserve your old air conditioner by overhauling and filling the lost refrigerant gas, some homeowners also prefer to have it retire. We hope that with this read, you can prudently decide on what you do for your air conditioning unit at home.